Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

Last Saturday, March 26, people and businesses around the world participated in Earth Hour 2011, turning off their lights at 8:30 p.m. local time. Earth Hour was organized by the World Wildlife Fund in 2007, as a way to bring attention to energy-consumption, sustainability, and climate change issues. This year, participants in 134 countries darkened homes, skyscrapers, and landmarks around the world.

You can view an interactive photo gallery of 25 images at The Atlantic. Click Here!
click on each image to "turn off the lights"

Ballroom Under a Lake

I am fascinated by this "ballroom" under the lake. It was originally designed as a billiard room by the original owner. I've found several articles and some in depth Flicker photos of this place.

You can see the weeds and algae, after years of neglect, are covering up the windows.

The statue sits on the top of the dome, and when the room is lit up, it creates a great effect on the lake.

You can see the spiraling staircase that leads to the room.

Just beyond the statue and room is an island that has glass skylights in the ground to illuminate the room below the island.

The underground pumping chamber house

Another view from the pumping house

A spar pool, whatever that is...

I would love to go check this place out someday! It's called Witley Park in England.

Check out these links for more pictures and articles on the place.

Viral: Back to work...

Found this on
Secretary goes back to work after 30 years... the video is only five seconds long but makes a very clear point:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Sex is No Accident

So MTV is running some new print ads for safe sex.
"Sex is no accident.
Always use a condom."