Friday, December 31, 2010

!!!!!!! No seriously! !!!

{Exclaim Typography Poster} Twenty-four words and short phrases with which you will use with an exclamation point.

Twenty-four words and short phrases with which you will use with an exclamation point. Shit, crap, bollocks, WTF, bitch, just to list a few.

I so totally want to swipe this idea! I can't make out what all the words are anyways...


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Russian Pin-ups

Beautiful photography of Irina Davis: Pin-up "a la Russa".

Because of the devastation of World War II, Russian "girls" in the '40s and '50s were taught to be tough and work hard. I am saddened by the fact that Russia never had the chance to enjoy the happy pin-up times of America's postwar period. In fact, cheerful American pin-up art was considered in Soviet Russia to be politically incorrect, decadent and flat-out immoral, the product of a culture that could never understand the true nature of the human condition.

By photographing exclusively Russian immigrant women in traditional all-American pin-up poses, I am inventing my own genre of Russian pin-up. My concept is to portray pure beauty, femininity and sexuality, not to objectify but to empower. To those who identify the clues in my work, hidden to most non-Russian eyes, I am telling the story of a crisis of Russian national identity, and the frustration and confusion of self-identification with the Old Country, the New World and a diaspora caught between them. My goal is to bridge the gap and seduce the spectator with alluring imagery, trapping him into empathizing with a foreign element.


Minimalist Movie Posters

Here are several movie posters stripped down to their basic elements. This is the work of designer Pedro Vidotto. More posters can be found on Fubiz and at his website.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Office Snowball Fight!

"Let’s be honest, ecards don’t stand up well on your desk. So this year the team at Barker Gray decided to hark back to a time when physical cards would’ve been just a new fangled idea."

"Our ‘Office Snowball Fight’ concept offered to bring some of the fun of a traditional northern hemisphere winter to our clients in the South, baking in the heat of the summer. The ‘snowballs’ were made up of from studio waste paper. When unwrapped they revealed some of the unsuccessful ideas that didn’t quite make the cut – amongst other delicious treats.

The packaging was inspired by the English Victorian period and the charming imagery and language from that time. In keeping with the era, the tub was gift-wrapped in simple brown paper and string before being delivered in bundles to our happy clients

A merry old idea from Barker Gray . . . Happy holidays to you all!"

Blatantly stolen from the dieline

Creative Christmas Ads

Try and be good, at least with colours.

Telepizza Delivery "four season's greetings"

Even Santa needs a break – so why not the day after Christmas. Have a break. Have a KitKat. All you need is a comfortable red armchair, a light stand and somewhere to put your beard away.

"Our Christmas present for you: 75 Euro bonus if you buy a set of snow tires". The Print Ad titled Christmas tree was donated by Mercedes-Benz in Germany.

We're so in the mood for Christmas

Origami Christmas tree ball made out of newspaper, with a special advertisement for Christmas.

This Christmas all readers of the Almere Vandaag get an extra present. This free morning newspaper for all Almere residents gives away due to this festivity an origami Christmas tree ball made out of newspaper. You have to fold it yourself, of course. Gladly, the Almere Vandaag also provides the readers with a 2-steps folding instruction for beginners. So it's not complicated and you'll enjoy building it.

Do you see the person in the picture?

Absolut ads are always great!

Don't let irresponsible driving wreck Christmas

I love this subtle image from Playboy!

Merry Christmas to all construction workers

Don't Drink and Drive *Heineken

Merry Christmas - Wonderbra

3-D Pop Up Pulp Art!

These photos are great! Amazing what can be done with those pulp books from bygone days.

Thomas Allen creates unique three-dimensional art by cutting out characters from old pulp fiction book covers and positioning them into action scenes.

This wonderful art was inspired by the classic pop-up books. To see more work by the artist, you can purchase Thomas Allen’s Uncovered book at Amazon or visit Foley Gallery for more photographs.

Thomas Allen, in essence, is a still life artist who through a very creative process disrupts the stillness. By carefully selecting from primarily vintage paperback novels and science journals, he brings two-dimensional images forward into three dimensional space. With simple lightning and the use of simple tools (i.e., scissors and razor-sharp knives), figures are cut out, bent and juxtapose in ways that present the tension and dynamics of staged drama. Other techniques are applied in achieving a pure sense of humor that also defy the original use of these materials and their ultimate destiny of being read once and retiring for eternity on the nearest bookshelf.

Allen constructs scenes based solely on the men and women depicted on the covers of these aged novels. He carefully cuts them from their surroundings and arranges them into new situations, often changing the context slightly to create entirely new scenes.

From cheating lovers to tough-as-nails cowboys to drop-dead gorgeous femme fatales, pulp novel covers offer a wealth of fascinating characters for Allen to work with. Once he chooses his subjects and carefully arranges them in their new three-dimensional worlds, he photographs them with a shallow depth of field. The results are scenes made of pure humor.