Thursday, December 23, 2010

Creative Christmas Ads

Try and be good, at least with colours.

Telepizza Delivery "four season's greetings"

Even Santa needs a break – so why not the day after Christmas. Have a break. Have a KitKat. All you need is a comfortable red armchair, a light stand and somewhere to put your beard away.

"Our Christmas present for you: 75 Euro bonus if you buy a set of snow tires". The Print Ad titled Christmas tree was donated by Mercedes-Benz in Germany.

We're so in the mood for Christmas

Origami Christmas tree ball made out of newspaper, with a special advertisement for Christmas.

This Christmas all readers of the Almere Vandaag get an extra present. This free morning newspaper for all Almere residents gives away due to this festivity an origami Christmas tree ball made out of newspaper. You have to fold it yourself, of course. Gladly, the Almere Vandaag also provides the readers with a 2-steps folding instruction for beginners. So it's not complicated and you'll enjoy building it.

Do you see the person in the picture?

Absolut ads are always great!

Don't let irresponsible driving wreck Christmas

I love this subtle image from Playboy!

Merry Christmas to all construction workers

Don't Drink and Drive *Heineken

Merry Christmas - Wonderbra

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