Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Comics Redone

Just found a couple different blogs that have reinterpretations of classic comic covers. There are a few stellar ones that I like more than the original.

Phineas X. Jones covers Usagi Yojimbo 36

Original cover by Stan Sakai; Fantagraphics 1992. Phineas X. Jones's website is here.

Kori Michele Handwerker covers Batman: The Dark Knight

Original cover by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley; DC 1986. Kori Michele Handwerker's website is here.

David Hartman covers Casper the Friendly Ghost 41

Original artist is unknown; Harvey Comics 1956. David Hartman's website is here.

Jimmy Wallin covers Four Color 173

Original cover is by Paul Norris; Dell 1947. Jimmy Wallin's website is here.

Casey Camp covers Funny Misshapen Body

Original cover by Jeffrey Brown; Touchstone 2009. Casey Camp does not have a website.

Mike Loveland covers The Daily Howl

Original cover by John Lennon; unpublished circa 1958. Mike Loveland's website is here.

Steve Tillotson covers Peanuts

Original cover by Dale Hale; Gold Key 1963. Steve Tillotson's website is here.

Valerie Fletcher covers The Complete Peanuts 1969 - 1970

Original cover drawn by Charles Schultz and designed by Seth; Fantagraphics 2008. Valerie Fletcher's website is here.

Rusty Shackles covers Red Sonja 1

Original cover by Frank Thorne; Marvel 1977. Rusty Shackles website is here.

Isaac Bidwell repanels Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo #14

Original by Stan Sakai; 1989 Fantagraphics Books. Isaac Bidwell's site is here.

Michael Walsh repanels Detective Comics #29

Original written by Gardner Fox with pencils by Bob Kane, published by DC Comics in July 1939. Michael Walsh's blog is here. His portfolio is over here.

There is also a new blog that does the same revisioning but with Pulp books. Though, it has only recently started, so I may have to check back on it after it gets a few more postings up.

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