Monday, April 11, 2011

Jean-François Rauzier

The hyperphoto realism of Jean-François Rauzier. When you got to his online portfolio, you can zoom-in almost so close into his pieces, and it still retains a crisp sharpness to it.

Fascinated by photography since childhood, Jean-François Rauzier starts his studies in the “Ecole Nationale Louis Lumière” in 1976. For 30 years, he has been exploring painting, sculpting, asphalt… Enriched by the learning of the commercial photography he practiced, pionner of the numerical collection, he invented the “Hyperphoto” concept, which enabled him to fulfill his approach.

Jean-François Rauzier was immediately captivated by numerical photography when it penetrated the professional market 15 years ago. He has been exploring the multiple opportunities offered by computer’s retouching since then, turning himself into a “virtual” painter.

In 2002, he created the “Hyperphoto”, a concept which enables him to deal with the impossible: to combine both infinitely big and infinitely small things in one same image, out of time.

To simulate the illusion of reality, Jean-François Rauzier first had to cope with all the inherent limits inherent of the photographic and technological equipment.

He found his way by juxtaposing, duplicating, twisting images with Photoshop, making it possible for him to reproduce human vision more accurately. This way, he generated a genuine numerical puzzle, in which the pieces, cut out, “drawn again”, come up along on top of the imagination of the artist.

From this technique is issued numerous fascinating and unusual details on which the spectator can dwell on.

The multitude of images invite the spectators to an inside journey, in dream-like, fantastic and timeless worlds. These worlds are filled with icons and references born of the artist’s cultural hall of fame.

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