Friday, November 7, 2008

Human Canvas

Kim Joon has an interesting approach to painting.

The pictures and images of tattoo which he works on look that he takes a nude photo and compounds with them, but he works on the upside of the digital body produced by computer graphics from the beginning to the end. He makes a large group of people by making a phase and coating a tattoo with his computer mouse, like a virtual person produced by computer. He intends to use 'mouse ainting' instead of 'brush painting'. It is unique to use a 'One Source, Multi Use', which is a source made of digital data outputs through a digital print, beam projection, a monitor, and so on.

In Mr. Kim's current works, which the artist likes to describe as "paintings", he uses water based markers to create the designs. His process involves taking a piece of sponge and covering it in a layer of traditional cloth that is used as fabric liner in Korean sewing. The lining is then covered with very transparent fabric, and painted two coats of a skin colored hue. He also layers on mediums and finally varnishes the surface to create a more firm appearance. Mr. Kim remains fascinated between the tensions of the mind and body. He is also intrigued by the concept of the permanence of tattoos as a vehicle for marking ones soul.

View more of his work at his website.

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