Friday, November 7, 2008

Super Mario Obama World

It's just like Mario World, except starring our new President-Elect! I found a snazzy write up for it on InventorSpot.

The sound & the fury is over at last and junkies for presidential politics are faced with going cold turkey. The solution? "Super Obama World", the Donkey Kong style video game
that pits Obama against Palin on her frozen home turf.

Sure, the 2008 presidential election ran far too long and cost way too much, but nobody can deny it provided more entertainment value than Joe The Plumber can shake a toilet plunger at. Now that the fun has ended, fans of political gamesmanship - and us regular guys & gals - can keep fighting the good fight onscreen at Super Obama World!

The design is retro... we're talking vintage Donkey Kong gameplay here. To their credit, the designers of the game (ZenSoft) made great efforts to include as many Election '08 themes as they could squeeze in. I'm sure there were a lot I missed as I haven't been able to get bouncing Barack all the way to the end yet.

Alaska, pigs (and pitbulls) in lipstick, even VP wannabe Sarah Palin herself makes an appearance on her "snow machine". Look out, dontcha know! Through it all, the Obama main character maintains both his casual cool and his megawatt smile. Just like in real life!

The game requires the newest version of Flash which I don't have on my computer yet. So I'll have to wait and try it out later.

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