Monday, October 25, 2010

Southern Bells: Musical Beer Packaging

Hidden within every 6-pack are two mallets attached to the corks (inside the beer). After drinking your beer to the level indicated on the back (or filling it with water) you can place the bottles into the holder and begin playing.

Created by Sam Gensburg, ‘Southern Bells’ features a special packaging stand that creates a xylophone form. The back of each beer bottle also shows how much of the beer to drink in order to hit the notes you’re looking for. Complete with two batons to strike the bottles with, the ‘Southern Bells’ can create a full octave with two cases of brew.
The package can close to become a traditional 6-pack or open, and lay flat, to become a musical instrument.

Inspired by the city of Savannah Georgia, and their lack of music venues.

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