Friday, October 1, 2010

Undead Bookcovers

This is such a great idea, not just for a Zombie book, but for any book you don't want to admit to actually reading.

"Many readers are embarrassed to be seen with a book featuring lurid zombie illustrations on the cover, including the author.

For this reason we offer these attractive, collectible dust jackets, which will also ensure your copy of Rise Again remains bookstore-fresh even after thirty readings. A variety of styles are included to suit readers of every taste (not all readers taste the same).

Simply print on 11x17 inch glossy paper, cut along the outline to include the end flaps, wrap the book cover with the resulting trimmed sheet, then fold the end flaps inside the book cover. Wraps can be secured with tape or left loose."

"On October 26th, my first novel, Rise Again, comes out. It is about the zombie apocalypse, probably because I design theme parks for a living. I aimed high with the book, hoping to appeal not just to genre fans but general readers, too. So when Simon & Schuster chose a genuinely awful jacket design for the book, replete with shambling zombies and 'scary' font, I was wicked sad. A non-genre fan wouldn't touch the thing. It looks self-published. There was no fighting back -- jacket approval isn't in my contract, as was pointed out after my 400th objection.

"Two," said I, "can play at that game." So: on the official Rise Again website, happy mutants will find a set of free, downloadable alternate bad book covers to replace the original bad book cover. With these alternate covers, readers can enjoy the novel anywhere from church to classroom without fear of obloquy, if not violent death. So far, the publisher hasn't objected. Then again, this wasn't in the contract, either."

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