Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Beautifully Horrific

"Imminent Utopia", click to enlarge

I love doing google searches and coming up with gems!

Channeling Giger, Lovecraft and the collective nightmares of children all over the world, Kris Kuksi makes beautifully intricate sculptures out of 'mixed media' - an assortment of materials and objects that coalesce into beauty.

"Lies And Persuasion"

Dark Roasted Blend has an excellent interview, with more pictures, on their site. The pictures are incredible, showing the level of detail and thought that went into these pieces.

"The Macabre Ride", click to enlarge

"The Macabre Ride" detail

"The Decision", detail

"The Deadly Sins", click to enlarge

"The Deadly Sins", detail

"The Deadly Sins", detail

"The Deadly Sins", detail

In addition to his macabre sculptures, Kris also is very talented in other mediums as well.

"Portrait of An Ethereal Woman", Acrylic and Ink on board

"Crystal", White Charcoal

"Portrait Of Brenda Patterson", Acrylic on Canvas

"Expecting To Fly", Acrylic on Canvas

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