Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Vertical Vistas

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Scrolling wheel workout for your computer mouse
+ visual feast for your eyes

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Yet another "computer specific" (or rather "monitor-specific") art-form is emerging on the net - images designed for viewing by scrolling down, and down, and down - to marvel at the VERTICALLY unfolding vistas. It also can be a bit disorienting... Have a look at these examples:

Art by Dinyctis, "Space Lane", Order prints here

The Dizzying Bridge

You may have seen this image circulating in emails around a year ago. This photograph is probably responsible for starting it all, and certainly works very well (especially if you keep scrolling up and down, creating the swinging effect)

Into the Forest

Tony Karp at Techno Impressionist Museum makes pictures that are too large for your browser window. They are often eclectic, but always seemless and intriguing. Here is an example, see more at his site.

Scrolling into outer space

Found on Pruned via BldgBlog, here is a stupendous scrolling across the Jupiter's landscape (a cylindrical projection, stitched from the photos taken by Cassini spacecraft):

(Image courtesy: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Some interesting HORIZONTAL scrolling can be found here
(found on the Finnish military forum)

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