Monday, September 8, 2008

Optical Illusions

"The House, that Swift Built"
(image credit: Anna Gunter)

So I came across this website, Dark Roasted Blend, and found numerous illusions posted - and many with links to the artists page. Here are a few I found interesting.

(image credit: Josh Sommers)

Another site of note is Planet Perplex

(image credit: Walter Wick)

Painting by Flemish artist Jos de Mey continue in the "old Belgian masters" traditional style, only they clearly show impossible landscapes.

(image credit: Istvan Orosz)

Here are some more examples of Felice Varini's line work (there are dozens more at his site)

Here is an example of "shadow sculptures" - see a superb page here

This drawing seems to be a (more or less) normal depiction of a shipwreck on an island, but if you put a cylindrical mirror in a certain place, you'll see Jules Verne portrait... (more of these here)

(image credit: Octavio Ocampo)

(image credit: Octavio Ocampo)

This is a screenshot from the movie "Alexander".
An interesting effect, but perhaps not that many people notice the hidden face.

Cher "Heart of Stone" album cover

(image credit: Sandro del Prete)

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