Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Alexia Sinclair

Wow! Found this amazing artist on a recent romp through blogs.

Aussie photographer and digital artist Alexia Sinclair has some interesting work in her site but the cream of the crop is her Regal Twelve series with which she won 2007's Harper's BAZAAR & Canon Fashion Photography Awards.

"The Regal Twelve" series is a suite of pictures depicting powerfull historical women combining photography, illustration, European backdrops, fashion models, historical treasures and symbolic references, digitally montaged to create works based on historical truths.

There are Wikipedia links to each of the ladies bios, in their title.

Elizabeth Bathory (The Countess of Blood)

For the other 8 images, go to the blog for "Your source for all things wicked and awesome" or visit Alexia's personal site and view more of her stunning work.

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