Thursday, October 30, 2008


From Pop Candy:
Wonderglen: It's like 'The Office' goes to Hollywood

I just spent some time in Wonderglen, and I'm not sure I want to leave.

This website is hilarious, weird and unlike anything I've seen -- the easiest way to describe it is it's a site for a fake TV production company. Once you start clicking, you'll find tons of stuff to explore, from videos to company memos to a message board.

There are even fake websites connected to Wonderglen; for instance, the gang likes to gather at Brennigan's Hole after a long day at the office. ("We are the only Valley pub/bar with its own coin-operated shower!")

Some highlights include a funny "bio-video" featuring James Franco. In it, Franco references Airwolf, pretends to be on a roller coaster and hypes the fake film ManWorld. And in this "brainstorming session" posted today, the staff reveals their Halloween costume ideas. Poor Sarah can't decide whether to go as Dora the Explorer or a "slutty baker."

Head to Wonderglen's main page and start poking around. Some Craigslist users may recall seeing fake ads for the company several weeks ago.

I just bopped in there, and like poking around some in a sort of voyeuresque way. ;)
PS - It takes a second for the main page to load (maybe traffic issues)

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