Friday, October 31, 2008

Art for Change

Several different groups are out there offering their support for the various candidates. Here are some examples from The Art of Obama blog.

Here is a really interesting sculpture by mmike. “Tension - A portrait of Barack Obama - 10-23-2008 - 2′x2′x9′ - 1000 feet of steel high tension wire, black enamel and poplar base.” See the rest of his work at

Another one by Derek Chatwood. This one utilizes a larger pallet and some very strong text placement. By itself, it is a great piece of art - yet, it becomes even better when you realize that it is only half of the whole image.

The design is fresh and catchy. It also seems to come in t-shirt form only. In fact, an entire site has been custom made just to sell this shirt. Looks like they are donating $1 to the campaign for each shirt sold. It’s not much, but it is a cool shirt nontheless: “Red, White,And Awesome”.

Reader Allison sent us a link to this rockin AC/DC themed poster by Jamey Erickson. The poster is in the Poster Offensive’s photostream. Check out the set or PO’s website for lots of other great political work. This is just a section of the poster.

Just received this message from an artist named Lichiban that we are happy to post: “I’m a Brooklyn-based visual artist from Hungary, and have been very much involved in supporting the Obama movement over here in BK through means that I could. I’m not a citizen so I can’t vote but I’ve been doing various fundraisers and Obama artwork to further the cause.”

Over the past few months we have been encouraging you to send in your art. The other day we received the following: “Greetings Obama Team, I am an artist trying to donate my talent to the campaign to help raise money. I really would like to become part of the ARTIST FOR OBAMA team. I created this painting for that purpose. Thanks, Andre Harris” “After meeting with a local campaign organizer (GA), I created an online store and if anyone is interested in the print here is the link: CafePress. The campaign organizer loved it and it is now hanging on the campaign door :)”

Check out these amazing vector posters on a site called “The People We’ve Been Waiting For” at nice long, but appropriately named The posters are 11×17″ and completely free to download and print.

Design/ers for Obama was created when Design Observer essentially asked the question, “how can graphic designers best support Barack Obama?” “Many artists including Shepard Fairey have already proven that poster art is not a dead medium in the United States and have also shown how much of an impact a single poster can have. It is in this spirit Design/ers for Obama was created… Design/ers for Obama is a community for Obama supporters, whether visually inclined or not, to aggregate and rate Obama poster art that is available for download in a variety of sizes that can be easily printed by any and everyone. At such a turbulent (yet exciting) time in our nation’s history, collaboration has never been more important.”

On the site you can upload, search and score a growing collection of Obama posters. Seems like a great resource for people who like the Art of Obama. You can bet that you will be seeing some of the posters featured here.

So here's a few highlights from Design for Obama:

Go up by gausa

Fields of Hope by felixsockwell

Baaaaa-Rock! by BasicShift

Change For a New Day by Rogaziano

This last one is by far, my favorite!

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