Friday, October 24, 2008

1800 Bottle Design

1800 Tequilla is having a little contest that I just entered. They have a limited edition set of bottles that are designed by artists from all over, and they're offering a chance for the top 5 submitted artists a chance to have their work displayed on a bottle, with the number one winner receiving $10,000 smackers.

At 1800® Tequila, we are dedicating to showcasing the most cutting edge artists in the world - art and artists who are Essential in creating the most exciting modern work. We are after artists who, like 1800® Tequila, make it their goal to Follow Their Own Path. Once a year, we hold the Essential 1800® series where one winner will have his/her work featured on a prominent billboard in the arts district of the major city from where they reside. In addition to this, 1800® Tequila will provide the winner with a $10,000 cash prize to help further their career. The judging panel will be made up from members of the family who own 1800® Tequila and the 1800® Tequila management.

I figured I would throw my hand in, and give it a try. I submitted these three pieces.

You can cast your vote, by going to the 1800 website and browsing the gallery until you see the bottles below and giving them 5 stars.

(The secret is to look me up alphabetically, in the "R" section go to the last page and scroll backwards a few pages. Last I looked I was on page 19 of 21)




If you click the images above, you'll get a bigger view of them.

Ooooh, and it looks like you can even purchase one of my custom 1800 tequilla bottles for only $475.00 + shipping. 1800 is using a company called Kaleidoscope, for this.

**Edited: Just changed the title of the blog, because somebody actually noticed my blog! COOL!! :)

We are working with 1800 Tequila on their new Essential Artists campaign and noticed your site’s coverage. Would you mind changing that to 1800 Tequila?

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