Thursday, October 23, 2008

Star Wars Steampunk

If you couldn't tell I'm really enjoying the realm of Steampunk. I found these custom Star Wars figures reinvisioned in the antiquated Victorian style.

The creator of these wonderful pieces, Sillof - pronounced "Si" (like Psi or Sci-fi ) and "llof" (like cough or pilaf), has this to say about his creations on his website.

This line is a three part series. It features my favorite aesthetic...old. I love the clunky old-fashioned look of the industrial era. It is kind of steampunk, but not really, which is why I changed the name of the line. It is influenced by Jules Verne, HG Welles, Terry Gilliam, Guillermo Del Toro, etc. But I feel it has my own unique sensibilities as well.

Princess Leia

Rather then the fairy princess look of Leia, I went for the leader of a rebellion look. When I think of a 1700’s revolutionary woman, I think of the famous Romanticism paintings of lady liberty leading the French in battle. I added the obvious corset for the steampunk style. I tried to keep to the lighter shade of the color palette to be similar to her classic white gown.

Luke Skywalker

I took Luke's humble origins as a farmer and modified them for an more industrial age. I went for a look that was kind of factory worker/pilot feel. The lightsaber is connected via tubes to a power pack.

Jedi Luke Skywalker

Attempting to rekindle the order of Jedi, but fighting his own dark inner demons, is Jedi Luke Skywalker. This version of Luke is more mature and intimidating then his “A New Hope” incarnation. The look was achieved by using the idea of the Obi-Wan armor as a starting point and adding darker elements and the raised hood, like the cloak worn in the films. His lightsaber has the cohesive feel of the others in the line so far.

Han Solo

Han Solo is still the cocky smuggler pilot, but I played up the smuggler with a pirate feel. Rather then a spaceship now he pilots a large dirigible-like airship. I added the classic steampunk goggles to the smug grinning face. I tried to keep the classic black, cream, & blue color scheme. I finished him off with a clunky modified pistol.


Chewbacca always presents a challenge, as the classic look is large furry naked guy. I gave Chewbacca a more animalistic look with the more feline face and clawed hands and feet. As first mate on the airship I figured he would still have mechanic duties, as seen from his classic bandolier now serving as a tool bag. I gave him some pirate-like clothing without losing too much of the exposed fur look. His weapon is designed to be my clunkier version of a crossbow energy weapon. Chewie is finished off with goggles to protect his eyes from the wind on the airship.


The idea behind my C-3PO design was a mechanical man, almost skeletal, with exposed gears, pulleys, and hinges. I used a burnished antique gold finish, rather then the classic polished finish. For the classic 3PO look I tried to incorporate the round disc design on the abdomen and the classic arm position.


Since 3PO was mechanical I wanted R2 to be steam powered. I incorporated the focal elements of the segmented dome (this time with rivets), the single eye, the short nature, and used R2’s original air vents as a modified furnace door. Inside the vents is a large translucent flame that lights up.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

With Ben, I went for a more traditional European knight, rather then the Asian samurai robes. I wanted his head to look like a guy who had been hiding out and keeping low. I also wanted it too have the feel of an elderly warrior who put on his old armor for one last adventure. I wanted a thinner body, kind of Don Quixote-esque. I thought the antique armor worked as the Jedi are established as an ancient and dead order. I gave the armor the riveted steampunk feel. I also made it look old, tarnished, and little rusty. I tried to evoke the brown Jedi robes with the shoulder pauldrons and waist tunic, which also gave the armor a ceremonial feel. The lightsaber is connected to the a power pack like Luke.

Lando Calrissian
The smooth gentleman gambler has been transformed into his Victorian double. Keeping the classic blue, orange, and black color scheme but applying it to a formal jacket, vest, and dress shirt, which are more traditional of the era.


I wanted my stormtrooper to have the classic white on black look. I used the more ornate and engraved amor for a more antiquated feel. I wanted the stormtrooper helmet to resemble Vader’s helmet to tie the two together aesthetically. I used the air tubes to resemble the shape of the classic Stormtrooper’s helmet. The air tubes lead to the large riveted air tanks on his back. I felt the belt pouches were a logical addition; I also used brown for the straps, air tubes, belt and boots to break up the constant black and white. The gun is intended to be a WWI looking gun with larger more steampunk elements and bayonet added.

Boba Fett
Everyone’s favorite bounty hunter is always a tough design. His leg and forearm armor has kept the ornate feel of the stormtrooper armor, but the chest armor has a more riveted industrial feel. While Fett’s “T” visor is iconic, this design keeps the look of the rounder goggles that have become a staple of the line, while the red strip down the middle hints at the old “T” design. His forearm weapons feature a mini-crossbow and a working retractable blade. The Surcoat is reminiscent of Fett’s shoulder cape. His rocketpack is still there just in a larger more industrial model.

Darth Vader

Unlike my ReVision Vader, I stripped away the samurai influence on Vader. In the films Tarkin calls him “Lord Vader”, I used that line as the inspiration for his look. My imperials are meant to have that Eastern European/German feel that the film's Imperials somewhat had. Vader’s flared out helmet is no longer a samurai look but now a more Prussian spiked helmet. A modified gas mask replaces his fierce angular face mask. The dark patina chest armor is a homage to his classic shinny black armor. The clunky lightsaber is connected to a power pack via the tube.

Slave Leia

Suspended from a pipe is Jabba’s most recent acquisition, Slave Leia. Her classic gold bikini has been replaced with a corset and half dress. The color scheme is the same but now she is suspended from a pipe attached to Jabba’s chair.

She was not originally in my plans for the line, but I was convinced by a friend to put her in as well.

And I'm glad he did!! - R

Sillof has more custom figures on his site. The Victorian Avengers are just amazing!

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