Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dali Clone

So I was just randomly looking up surreal art in the google search engine, and came across this portrait of Dali. It is exquisitely done in oils in the traditional style of Salvidor Dali, and even uses some of his more familiar symbols and images that are found throughout his artwork.

Upon checking the link I was flooded with tons of paintings by Michael Bridges that he has created with the Dali influence. And even some with another surrealist favorite of Rene Magritte.

Born and currently living in Columbus Ohio, Michael Bridges is a self-taught artist, who displayed a talent for art from an unusually early age.

Michael drew comic book characters and comic books from elementary school through to junior high. Once he reached senior high, Michael ‘discovered’ Salvadore Dali, and realized he had found the niche where his heart laid — in surrealism.

Michael Bridges went on to win several awards, and an honorable mention in national ‘Artist Magazine’.

His creative interests aren’t limited to painting fine art — he is also a self-taught musician, playing in bands performing his self-written songs on stage.

Michael returned to his early roots for comic art in 1997 when he published his own comic book. His future plans are to publish a comic book on CD rom which will include his own works of 3D animation.

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