Friday, August 15, 2008

M&M Characters

Yet again, I found myself creating a nifty little avatar dude. This time as an M&M character.

I found the site through Popcandy, and Whitney had this to say:

"Apparently, the company's new ad campaign aims to humanize its candy more than ever before. I ask you: Is there anything more frightening than the sight of Mary Lou Retton ... as an M&M?

Bobby Flay also appears in M&M's new celebrity gallery, which has sparked some sort of new phobia within my soul that I've yet to name. Not only is it just wrong to see an M&M donning a hairpiece, but I can't help but wonder why the meltable version of Flay is perched next to an open flame.

Those who harbor no fear of human M&M's may be interested in the website's "Create Your Character" feature, which allows anyone to become Candy-ized."

I've got mine rockin' a microphone, like I'm up on the stage or some sort. :)

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