Monday, August 18, 2008

Viking Inn

So I was flipping through the channels on the idiot box last night and came across a program on the Travel Channel about Extreme Mindblowing Hotels. One particular spot held my attention, the Viking Inn. Located in Crosby, Minnesota, the Travel Channel had this write up about the place:

Constructed out of a former Methodist Church, this extreme Bed and Breakfast is for Viking enthusiasts. The second visitors are "velkommened," they are transported to another century. Each guest is given a name tag, a Viking tred (shoe), royal clothing and, when it's time for dinner, you won't be asking yourself, "Which fork do I use first?" This B&B is strictly a "eat with your hands" establishment. You're given a primitive knife and Viking napkin only. An extreme place to stay with 6,000 guests each year, The Nordic Inn welcomes you.

Your evening begins at a Viking Inn, but you must prove your worth to be "called" a Viking.
"Raid" through the night in full Viking attire.
"Pillage" the 4 Viking hors d'oeuvre trays from land, sea, and hearth.
"Burn" (optional- in designated areas only)
"Honor" the Viking Virtues - It won't take long, there aren't many of them.
"Battle" through challenges to earn your Viking name.

But make sure you've left room for a hearty 5-course Viking Feast. Then wind down the evening as the Nordic Players perform a take from Viking Mythology. If you have energy left after this night of crazy fun and vicious laughter (and few do), join Steinarr at the Inn's bar for stimulating conversation and banter or retire to your deluxe suite for an evening of romance.

Even the most timid will feel like a true Viking in Odin's loft. Sleep in a King's bed nestled in a long ship among armor and weaponry. The King's room has lots of space and a large private Jacuzzi.

The Nordic Inn's bar has liquid refreshments with a comparable selection of beers, wines and mead. Please refer to the menu page. All beverages can only be purchased with Kronar.*

NOTE: A carry in tax is required to bring in your own beverages.

*Kronar: A primitive coin the Vikings used to trade for goods and services. Kronar is the only means for payment in the Nordic Inn. (U.S. Currency is accepted when trading for Kronar.)

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