Friday, August 15, 2008

The Shire

How would you like to live in a neighborhood straight of The Lord of the Rings? Well that's exactly what this community is doing. The Shire of Bend, is located in Oregon, and they have plans for several stylized houses and townhomes that are inspired by English country villages.

"The Shire Cottages draw their inspiration from the old world homes of stone, thatch and earth that were built over the past thousand years in England, Wales Scotland and Ireland. We have even created an Old World thatch roof look designed and created from recycled materials while incorporating modern day building codes and construction methods."

"The Shire concept is built around manicured common areas each having views over ponds, walking paths, and streams making the wooded natural environment a part of every home. The Shire’s homeowners live in a unique community that is beyond the ordinary, with the values and charms of a different age."

"The Shire evokes a sense of Place and Enchantment. All the homes in The Shire are facing the fully landscaped common areas. You will find Old World dry stack terraced walls supporting beautifully developed planting beds. Walk along the curving pathways to discover scene after scene of interestingly integrated garden features: waterfalls tressing, streams meandering, garden statues, ponds, lush grasses, towering pines, twisted juniper. Sing in your own amphitheater. At home in The Shire...Connect with Nature...Smile at your neightbor and feel at peace in this village community, in this sanctuary, in this Place of Enchantment!"

I would love to take a trip there someday and see how the place is. It looks very intriguing! I wonder if they will be offering any lodging spots?

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