Monday, August 18, 2008

Your Yearbook Pic! ...from any era

Hmmm, this guy looks an awful like the mailman that frequented our house back in the early 70's. I wonder...

So another good time waster has presented itself to me through PopCandy again. Heather writes:

For the next 15 minutes, might be the best time-waster on the Internet.

The concept: Upload your photo, and the site shows what you'd look like in several decades, all the way up to 2000. If you choose the right pic, the results can be pretty hilarious -- I've included a retro image of myself. All that's missing is a dancefloor (and maybe Mr. Kotter?).

Once you're done, you can send a "homeroom" link of photos to your friends.

Here's a few more, it's like the Highlander version of me in different bygone era's.

The sad thing is that looks very close to my actual yearbook pic from 1992!
Most of the 80's pics look very much like I did back in those days. LOL!

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