Friday, August 15, 2008

True Dungeon

So there is Anglesy, and the SCA, and Markland. There is Pensic and Renn Faires, but this really seems cool. True Dungeon is converting a hotel ballroom into a dungeon. The story is featured over at Wired magazine.

"While waiting to enter True Dungeon, players can relax in the starting area, a fantasy tavern complete with cash bar and simulated brawls."

"In one past challenge, adventurers entered a room and saw the shadow of an obviously female form behind a curtain. Those who were too busy looking below the neck to notice the snakes in her hair had a chance to be turned to stone when the occupant was revealed to be a Medusa."

"True Dungeon is the closest that most Dungeons and Dragons fans will get to a real-life dungeon-crawling campaign, and in the five years since it first thrilled Gen Con attendees, the walk-through game has become the single most popular event at one of the biggest gaming conventions in the world."

I've got to make my way to Indiana for Gen Con Indy one of these years and experience this!

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