Thursday, August 28, 2008

Leggo of my Lego

What a way to make a living!! Of course I came across this blurb on PopCandy, which linked to an article at about Lego artist Nathan Sawaya.

"Who doesn't remember growing up playing with Legos—the small, colorful bricks that can be combined to create anything from airplanes to zebras? Most kids ultimately pack up their Legos and move on. But Nathan Sawaya never did.

The 35-year-old New Yorker makes a six-figure living as a Lego artist, creating large-scale works of art using tens of thousands of the plastic pieces. Among his recent projects are a 10-foot-tall replica of the new Trump Tower being constructed in Dubai for Donald Trump, and a four-foot-tall bumblebee commissioned by Fall Out Boy bass guitarist Pete Wentz as a gift for his new bride, pop star Ashlee Simpson. He says he receives hundreds of commission inquiries every month."

Sawaya says of Blue: "A self-made man? Or taking himself apart? I'll never tell."
This work has become one of his signature pieces. "I guess it's because opening up oneself to the world is not an easy thing to do," Sawaya says.
Sawaya jokes that the inspiration for this piece was the time he was trapped in a cardboard box.
Sawaya created this four-foot-tall work for Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz as a gift for his new bride, pop star Ashlee Simpson.
This piece is a reflection of how Sawaya sees the world in Lego bricks.
Rebirth of New Orleans
The New Orleans Public Library commissioned this work from Sawaya to celebrate the city's rebirth. It contained over 120,000 bricks and took over six weeks to build.

More of his work can be viewed at his website.

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